Time2Talk for Educators

Real-life practice: on-demand Spanish immersion from home

Make Time2Talk part of your curriculum

  • On-demand flexible conversation practice
  • Highly selective Coach vetting process
  • Assignable live exercises based on coursework

Full support

  • Receive student reports
  • Listen to student audio recordings (coming soon)
  • Personalize program hours based on needs

Our Coaches

All of our Coaches are native Spanish speakers and pass through a highly selective interview process. They are educated professionals living throughout Latin America and Spain with a variety of expertise and career backgrounds. This offers students ample opportunity to engage a range of common accents and new useful vocabulary.

For our customers, a complete list of our Coaches is available upon request.

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The App

"The coaches are really good about keeping the conversation going and helping you along" -Aaron, student

"The spontaneity is fantastic" -Emmi, student

"I always feel comfortable as soon as we get started and that's what the coaches are there for" -Tom, student

"It's super unique. I just pull out my phone and connect to a Spanish coach instantaneously." -James, student

"I really like the chat option during calls". - Francisca, student


We cater bulk hour packages based on the number of students and hours needed.
These can vary however you require.

Below, there is an interactive slider that shows our standard price. In general, bulk hours are discounted based on this price:

If you talk

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We’ll be happy to answer your questions and send you
a personalized quote based on your program.

Different universities and high schools include Time2Talk calls in the class

curriculum to boost students’ confidence, fluency and cultural proficiency.


Customized topics can be assigned to compliment  lesson plans and support participation grades. Coaches adapt to each student’s level and coursework.


Time2Talk is ON-DEMAND so you can assign live Spanish homework for students to do on their own and never worry about scheduling issues!