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The Ghost and His Fears

Ana -
Spain 🇪🇸


fantasma ghost
asustar to scare
sustos (n.) scares
espejo mirror
trucos tricks
chains cadenas
roncar to snore

El fantasma no entendía por qué él, que vivía tan tranquilo en la casa abandonada, tenía que ser siempre el que asustara a los vecinos que pasaban por allí. 

El fantasma se ponĂ­a muy nervioso cada vez que lo intentaba porque Ă©l se daba cuenta que a pesar de ser un fantasma, sus propios sustos…lo asustaban.

Hasta que un día se dio cuenta, porque él era muy listo, que era mejor no mirarse en los espejos y no escucharse cuando decía cosas que le podían dar miedo. 

Aunque una noche se olvidĂł de sus trucos y se encontrĂł con Ă©l mismo escondido detrás de una puerta oscura…¡quĂ© miedo que se dio! hasta que se le ocurriĂł encender la luz del pasillo..”¡Uff, quĂ© alivio!” se dijo a sĂ­ mismo, mientras aprovechaba para quitarse sus cadenas…

Y sin hacer ningĂşn ruido, el fantasma de este cuento se fue a pasear por el barrio, donde todos los vecinos ya estaban durmiendo y roncando.

The ghost did not understand why he, -who lived so calmly in the abandoned house-, always had to be the one that scared the neighbors who passed by. 

The ghost would get very nervous every time he tried because, he realized even though he was a ghost, his own scares…scared him.

Until one day he noticed, because he was very clever, that it was better not to look at himself in the mirrors and not listen to himself when he said things that could scare him. 

Although one night he forgot his tricks and he found himself hiding behind a dark door…What a fright it gave him until it occurred to him to turn on the light in the hall…”¡Uff, what a relief!” he told himself, as he took the opportunity to take off his chains…

And without making a sound, the ghost of this story went for a walk in the neighborhood, where all the neighbors were already sleeping and snoring.


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