Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Students may call whenever they want! Coaches have the option to put themselves online and offline according to their own schedules. So if a Coach is online, it means they are available and ready to have a conversation no matter what time of day or night! If a Coach doesn’t pick up a call, try calling them again or pick a different Coach. Sometimes this happens.
Time2Talk brings your lesson plans to life! Adapting your topic schedule is easy. You can do it all at once or week by week. A Time2Talk team member will walk you through the process. Any specification can be accommodated.
Time2Talk gives you a direct line of communication with our Coaches. When a Coach answers a Time2Talk call, they are able to see the assigned topic for that session. Topics can be posted and edited at your convenience. Teachers assign topics based on coursework for students to practice what they are learning in class. Assigned topics range from “Family and friends”, “Geography and culture”, “Food and national traditions” to specific subjects or textbook lessons the class is focusing on. Different students speak to Coaches from different countries so it makes next day reviews very enriching.
When an institution buys a package of hours, we create codes for each class with the amount of time per Student required by the teacher. Students redeem their codes in the app and can immediately start practicing! Once they run out of credits, they have to redeem a new code to continue making calls. Students do not need to input a credit card if they have institutional codes.
Yes, Time2Talk can be used whenever you want! Some schools choose to do it during class time, but most assign it as part of Students’ homework so they can do it on their own schedule.
Students can browse a list of online Coaches and connect with one directly in real time.
On the Homescreen, tap on View List to see if that Coach is online! Also, after a session you will always have the option to add the Coach to your Favorites list.
Nope. Coaches have no information about which Students are online. Only Students can see which Coaches are online. Coaches cannot see the Students.
Never. If a Coach is online, it means they are excited and ready to have a conversation no matter what time of day or night! If a Coach doesn’t pick up your call, try calling them again or pick a different Coach. Sometimes this happens.
We carefully select each Coach that is on our platform. Time2Talk Coaches are vetted professionals who are paid to do the job. Our Coaches have experience working with minors and understand what is appropriate for a Student’s level. In addition, we record all calls and have ongoing one-on-one sessions with each one of them for quality assurance.
Yes! We provide usage reports with all the information about the Students’ calls: who they spoke with, when and for how long. More information about the Coaches and call recordings are always available upon request.
No. During calls, Coaches only see the first name of the Student, the institution and the session topic, which is updated by teachers and professors.
Our Coaches are language teachers, translators and college graduates who live all over Latin America and Spain. All Coaches have been chosen one by one and passed Time2Talk’s thorough selection process. We communicate with them daily and training is ongoing. They are friendly Spanish speakers who have that special something that makes them great Coaches!
How a session with a Coach goes will be reflected by how Students rate them. Ratings are very important for Coaches’ standing so Students should always have that in consideration when rating their Coach after a call.